little-parrot-1401162 Building an app is hard work and sometimes it can be discouraging to not see the kind of improvement you want. Working a job you hate and not having the time or energy to recover to your maximum capacity can also be a huge disappointment in life. Many people are crammed into buildings where they are treated almost like livestock. Yes, I’m talking about the human zoo, a place where strong, confident, capable men and women are turned into docile creatures of linearity.

Perhaps you work in a human zoo, all day long. You know that you should be out in nature, running through some field, the wind blowing through your hair, and the sunshine caressing your skin. On one level, the amount of work people have to do that would endanger their lives seems to have settled down. Not too many people working in coal mines, or textile mills these days, although an Amazon Fulfillment Center, or other modern day assembly line might be quite a bad situation.

What happens when you take a wild animal like a lion, tiger, bear or oh my…an ape, and stick this fine creature into an artificial environment? Well, basically the animal loses it’s natural instincts and becomes a shell of its former self. It might still not be a good idea to blithely walk into a lion’s den at the zoo and start getting too “buddy buddy” with it, but you would probably be able to get away with it if you had the proper training.

Similarly, when a human is taken from its naturally creative space (that we only barely get a glimpse of in childhood) and is placed into the factory education system, the domestication process begins. Now I’m not saying that learning how to read, write, and not be a complete animal is a bad thing, but the spark is usually extinguished at an early age.

Often times when kids grow up into adults they look like giant babies without the cuteness factor. The human zoo is quite a machine and can produce such exorbitant amounts of hypertension… it’s no wonder there’s so much depression, premature heart attacks, and sexual harassment going on.

I’m extremely grateful that my days in the human zoo are numbered. I am fortunate enough to be writing this blog as an internet marketer for our Gamebooks App in the iTunes store. The ability to work remotely on my laptop is invaluable to me being able to wear what I want, work when I want, and allow me the flexibility to make changes in my day. When I work at the day job, I’m in one place doing one thing with little room for creative innovation.


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